Monday, 24 May 2010

Monday 24th May

I came back from holiday feeling fitter than I have in a long time. I went to the hospital feeling very confident that I'd get the all clear.

I was 99% successful. The problem was the remaining 1% leukaemia cells lurking deep within my bone marrow. My doctor explained how about how new the treatment that I'd been having was, and that they didn't have enough information about survival rates where the treament (the chemo) was cut short.
Basically my survival rate is higher (or longer) if I have the full six courses. I tried to have the last two sessions postponed until August but to no avail. So I started the fifth course this afternoon.
I started having the rituximab drip in the Centenary Wing day clinic and was transferred to Lilford Ward after about 4.00. I finished the course at about 8.30 this evening and I start taking the other drugs tomorrow.
This has killed off any hopes I may have entertained about taking part in Nicki's tour in a month's time and I will be having the sixth and final session then, all being well.
On the plus side the weather is warmer and I'm feeling fitter that I did last autumn when I began the treatment, so I'm hoping I can stay healthy and out of trouble and get the all-clear in August.

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  1. Hey my precious friend and brother, As always you are in my thoughts and prayers. I believe that soon this will be memory and a testimony of the sustaining power of the Lord. I miss your fellowship and the opportunity to write, play and just have a great time of fun together. Best of blessings and love to you, Sue and Chris always. Jerry