Thursday, 13 May 2010

Thursday 13th May

It's cold. That said, I'm feeling OK and looking forward to a week away by the seaside- the North Sea.
I'd better pack a winter coat.
I've been practising my guitar and singing the songs I'm planning to perform on Saturday night. I've chosen a few that I've never sung before. We've played the Whitby Gospel Music Convention so many times and we've probably sung fifty different songs in different styles, mostly with backing tracks but a few unplugged, so It's time for a change again. Just me and my guitar, a kind of homage to late period Johnny Cash. I've been singing his version of "Hurt" for a couple of years and it's on my list, but I doubt I'll have time to sing it because I have other songs to sing.
We usually get three spots during the weekend but I've asked to limit this to one spot of about twenty minutes. I'm confident my voice and my back will hold out that long. Hence the distillation of my set into about six songs. Songs that people will remember.

I've also been sorting out some CDs to sell. I found a box of "Songs of Praise & Devotion" that lacked inserts or traycards, so I've been printing and guillotining all morning. I had a lovely laser printer for Christmas so the print quality is good.
This is very much a transition time for me. I'm thinking about which musical direction to take and I'm clearing out some clutter. I have to sort out my website as it hasn't had any attention for about three years- a lifetime in interweb terms.
I designed the banner yesterday. This is it
I'll get to grips with the site when I get back from holiday


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  2. Hi Dave, The banner looks good. Hope you and Sue are enjoying your break in Whitby and that the Gospel Weekend went well. We are looking forward to seeing George at R.R.B.C.tomorrow night.
    Hope to catch up with you when you get back.
    God Bless