Monday, 19 March 2012

Crohns it is

I received a letter confirming that I do indeed have Crohns disease. I've been prescribed a course of drugs and will see the specialist in three months or so.

So far so good. Except that my symptoms have all but disappeared since the week before my last hospital appointment (about six weeks ago).

I spoke to my GP about this. I still have to take the course. So if my symptoms don't recur (a 50/50 chance)- will that be down to the treatment or chance?
If they do recur- does that mean the treatment isn't working?

Surely I have to be having a flare up when I start treatment in order to prove the treatment works one way or the other?


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    1. Thanks for your kind comments. Now that I'm in remission I don't post much, only as and when things happen.
      In my case less is better!

  2. Hi Dave!
    I was diagnosed at age 19 (in 1991) with Crohn's disease and was diagnosed at the age of 39(2011) with CLL! Crazy coincidence, huh?? actually docs at Cleveland Clinic say that they see this happen often, as they are both auto-immune diseases..
    I am kind of an anomaly, so to speak... I am 39, female and have no family history of CLL- or Crohn's for that matter.

    Just thought that I would leave a comment as I certainly know what you are going through..

    1. Thanks Joy. Nice to hear from you. When I fell ill last year I had a feeling that my doctors suspected Crohns but had to wait for the tests to confirm it.
      I had the CLL first, and the Crohns later. Both under control so life is good.

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