Saturday, 3 March 2012

March update

Where does the time go?

I've been working my way through the various out-patient clinics at the hospital. Last week I was at the Maxi-facilial clinic for the update on my nose operation. It appears that it was a cancerous tumour, but the surgeon is confident that he'd removed it all.
Next week I'm having another procedure in the "underpants department" as the late and lamented Ray Moore might say. Yes, this time it's a colonoscopy, and I have to start preparing for it tomorrow. I have to change my diet and cut out fruit and vegetables, breakfast cereals, milk in tea, anything with fibre in it.
Then on Monday I have to drink a lot of a liquid that will clear me out completely- and I won't be able to eat anything. Then on Tuesday I have the procedure.
I hope that after all that they don't postpone it....

The main health issue this winter has been a cough. I picked up a head cold in the middle of January which laid me low for a week. The head cold cleared up,leaving me with a cough. I don't have a chest infection- no wheezy bronchial breathing. I don't have a throat infection. Just a cough. I can still sing (just) and I don't seem to have lost any range or power, but every now and then I get a coughing fit. My lower abdomen hurts from the strain. I even coughed so much I vomited. What is it?

I've been having this cough most years for at least five, if not ten years. If I sit still I'm OK. If I move position or have a sharp intake of breath, I cough. I don't cough in my sleep. I wake up and continue to lie flat without coughing. If I sit up, I start coughing. Once I start, I can't stop.

Once I've recovered from my colonoscopy I shall be asking to have this cough investigated.

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