Friday, 20 July 2012

July update

Hi there, I don't know where the time has flown. I could be said that no news is good news and I have very little to report. I've been able to manage the Crohns and can now recognise the onset of an attack. Tiredness and stress bring it on. The good news is that the diarrhoea has not returned. I've also worked out how to take the daily medicine (Pentasa) without leaving the tiny granules stuck to the glass or in my mouth where they taste..not a bad taste, but not one you'd choose to have in your mouth constantly. The wet summer hasn't helped. A bit of sun can lift one's spirits, and in my case, a prolonged absence can bring on the blues. After a particularly gloomy and tiring/tiresome weekend I rang my GP to ask for a blood test as I was feeling so drained. I wondered if my symptoms had returned. I had the blood test and contacted the Haematology Department at the hospital to ask if they could look at them (as well as my GP). They rang back to say that my blood tests were OK and I had nothing to worry about as far as they were concerned. So, no news really. Life goes on. Roll on summer!

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