Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Minor ops etc

I've said before that I'm slowly visiting all the clinics and departments in our hospital. The other week I had an appointment with a specialist to try and sort out my colitis. Since I came off tour with a severe throat infection and diarroea back in July I've had my appendix removed, had x-rays and a CT scan, and a procedure known as a sigmoidoscopy. I now know that I don't have diverticulitis, and that a biopsy of the areas of inflammation they could see have not revealed any clues.
So I went to my appointment hoping for a successful diagnosis. I got some pills to take, and another appointment in the new year.

I had an appointment today at the treatment centre to have a growth on the end of my nose removed. The doctor diagnosed a sub basal carcinoma- but when he looked again he's not so sure, so we won't know what it was until the biopsy result comes back.
The operation went well. I sat back on the operating table, closed my eyes (the light was very bright so I had a swab to cut down the glare. The surgeon injected my nose with a local anaesthetic, and we chatted away while it took effect. All I could feel was my nose being pushed and pulled and before I knew it I'd been stitched and returned to the ward.
I stole a look in the mirror. What a sight. My nose was a pale sallow white, with a lurid and bloody scar criss crossed with black stitches on the tip of my nose- which was swollen. Not a pretty sight.

That should complete all my treatment until January, when I have a return appointment to check on my finger.

All that remains is to wish you all the compliments of the season.

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