Monday, 19 July 2010

Monday 19th July

Our latest leg of the tour was very successful. Three shows in the North East before returning home early on Saturday morning.Time for a sleep, drop off the washing, shower and then we were off again, this time to Shrewsbury for a Sunday show. We had accomodation near the venue which meant we didn't have to get up really early. You can read all about it on my other blogsite
We arrived home sometime after 9.00 so I had a good night's sleep, ready for my visit to hospital today.

The blood test was a formality and we didn't have long to wait to see the doctor. My blood results have improved slightly, so he was happy to postpone my 6th bout of chemo for two weeks, that is, until after the tour has finished.
The longest wait was for fresh supplies of Aciclovir and Co-Trimoxazole from the pharmacy. We sat and had a latte before returning to collect the prescription. However, we still had to wait because there was a query with the dose. In the end they dispensed on the basis of two pills per dose instead of one, which I queried, so now I have enough co-trimoxazole to last for three months.

I'm feeling fine. I'm a bit stiff when I wake up or get out of the van, but I'm enjoying life at the moment. This is a busy week. Three days in the Northeast, a trip up into Scotland, then down to Wolverhampton and ending up in Norwich before another rest day.

I will be taking it easy at every opportunity.
And enjoying every show, treating each one as if it were my last.

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